The server has plugins?

This server has some plugins for can login, also has tab, player sleep system, kills status and AFK Player notification. We don't use store systems or TP etc. we want a vanilla server with few modifications.

Yes! we use some datapacks on the server.

All datapacks were chosen by our team. The selection of these datapacks was to bring some new things to the server basically some new recipes, new achievements and also add some new items for the player to have some help with backpacks and Minecraft bag. If you want to know the whole list of datapacks that we are using click here.

About the Server

Our server is hosted in the best datacenter in the world “Amazon AWS”. Our server will have a backup system and also an anti-crash system where the server was turned off or crashed, automatically doing auto start by itself. The server will be programming for autonomously 1 time a day at 5:00 am Portugal time. All server and optimizer for vanilla mode.


Access request,
to join our server.

To enter this server you have an access request, you have to fill in the form with the data to be requested. All orders are reviewed manually. After being reviewed you will receive a notification to be accepted or rejected.

Who's Online?

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